Bulk Imports: Adding Employees

How to use the bulk upload tool to fill out your Company Certification Manager quickly.

Step One:  Download Import Template

  • Navigate to your Company Settings and click "Bulk Operations"
  • Under "Employees" click "Import New" and download the Spreadsheet Template



Step 2: Enter Worker Details

  • Add First and Last Name of all Employees to be uploaded (at minimum)
  • Include as many optional fields as possible (email and phone are recommended)
  • Save template to your computer


Step 3: Import

In the same "Upload All Employees" section:
  • Select start import and select your file
  • Review import upon prompt 
  • Send the Invite and finish



The more you can enter at this stage, the better.  ID#'s, titles/trades, emergency contact information, hire dates and more can be very useful in other areas of the platform.