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Inviting Workers To The Company Certification Manager

How to get your employees in the platform and have them upload certifications.

  1. Navigate to the Companies tab in your Company Certification Manager (CCM).
  2. Click on the name of your Company.
  3. Navigate to the "Employees" section of the CCM and click the Expand button
  4. Add Employees to invite
    1. Adding Individuals
      1. Click the "Add Employee" button and fill in the relevant information. Adding a phone number and/or email will allow you to send a direct invite to the person.

    2. Bulk Invites
      1. Click "Upload All Employees"
      2. Follow instructions in how to video or click here for the article
    3. Import From SST ID (New York City Only)
  5. Manage Employee Uploads
    1. From the Companies tab go to the "Updates" section. You have the option to reject or accept any of the certifications that your employees have uploaded.