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Enrolled CCM Subcontractors - Sending invite to subcontractors

As the GC you will need to send the invite to your subcontractors for them to access the CCM, here's how

Step 1 - On the main page, click "Projects", choose the appropriate project and click "Companies on Project"


Step 2 - In the top right corner, click the blue "+ ADD COMPANY" button


Step 3 - The following screen will open. Fill in all required information. Side Notes - You can add a "Submission Deadline" for the subcontractor indicating a deadline for them to join the project. You can also add a "Welcome Message" that is more personalized


Step 4 - After clicking next you will see the Certification Requirements for Subcontractor screen. Click off what you require (if any) and click "NEXT"


Step - After clicking next you will see the new company listed and you've completed the company invite